Since 1976, R.J. Brunelli & Co. has provided highly effective real estate representation for retail and restaurant chains seeking to expand into the New Jersey and suburban New York City markets. Because retail is our only business, clients are guided by specialists who truly understand the dynamics of these markets. Simply stated, we bring to the table the kind of perspective that simply can’t be duplicated by brokers who also lease office and industrial buildings. By tracking the sales volumes of the many retail and restaurant tenants we have placed over the years, we know which centers and retail areas are best suited to specific types of uses. This experience enables us to develop a strategic expansion plan for our clients that weigh everything from demographic and competitive factors, to the reach of key print and broadcast media within designated trade areas – allowing us to cluster locations in patterns that maximize market penetration and minimize advertising, distribution and supervisory costs.

R.J. Brunelli & Co. focuses its services throughout central and northern New Jersey to chains seeking strip center, power center or freestanding spaces from 1,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet and above. In southern New Jersey we have provided exclusive representation for chains seeking ‘big box’ spaces of 15,000 square feet and above. As an associate in Realty Resources, we can put you in contact with members who can assist with your program as you expand into other areas, coast to coast.

Working in tandem with your real estate department or senior executives, the following is a list of the types of services we provide:

  • Development of overall market expansion strategy;
  • Market research on all specific areas targeted for expansion;
  • Development of a comprehensive package, including maps and     demographics,  for each designated area;
  • Development of an expansion timetable based on the clients’ needs, market conditions, governmental approvals and additional other factors;
  • Road-by-road searches of all targeted areas for appropriate sites, discretely contacting existing tenants, owners or their real estate brokers for those properties that meet your requirements;
  • Presentation of sites to your company;
  • Research of zoning, sign codes, traffic, construction requirements and other considerations on those sites deemed suitable;
  • Lease or purchase negotiations, including liaison with attorneys for both parties;
  • Coordination of construction permits, certificates of occupancy and other regulatory procedures prior to store opening; and
  • Ongoing screening of opportunities presented by landlords and brokers as your expansion continues.