LOGIC Commercial Real Estate is proud to announce the promotion of Jeff Jacobs to President

During his tenure with the company, Jeff has overseen and directed all operational activity, support services, and client interaction for all divisions. This promotion cements Jeff’s role within Logic, as he has been executing the duties of a president from the time he joined the team. While the day-to-day operation of Logic will transfer to Jeff, Brendan Keating, the company’s CEO, will remain heavily involved in strategic planning and high-level decision making as the Logic brand continues forward with its long-term growth plan.

“I am incredibly fortunate to lead a team of dynamic, brilliant real estate professionals. What Brendan and the team have accomplished in less than 6 years is truly remarkable. I look forward to helping LOGIC execute its aggressive plan for continued growth.”

    Jeff Jacobs, CPA – President


“Jeff and I have always had aligned interests while working together to grow the brand.  We possess different strengths and weaknesses but share the same vision.  I believe having this two-pronged approach makes us a very unique leadership team in the CRE industry.  We are looking to continue to grow our leadership team with team members who share the same vision of how to operate a company for long term success.”


“From the outset I knew he would be an amazing addition to the team, and he has far surpassed my expectations.  His work ethic, will-to win, and care for others is a great thing to witness.  Many people say this, but for Jeff I know it’s true, he truly is a fan of others and gets as much enjoyment out of helping build our teams and watching them succeed, then he would if it was him solely earning the victory.  That trait is rare in today’s envious world, and one I greatly appreciate.”

    Brendan Keating – CEO